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Rasmus Trade Logic

Posted on: August 5, 2011 12:54 pm
I'm not a Blue Jay fan or hater and to me, the real question is: Why did the Jays trade for Rasmus at all since they already have a glut of similar players? They don't need him and if anything,  they should have flipped him or Travis Snider or Eric Thames for pitching prospects as soon as they got Rasmus but that's what clueless MLB franchises do---they keep reshuffling the cards to create the illusion of hope for their fan base.  Toronto is yet another franchise hamstrung by inept Owner/GM/Manager combos in the utterly rudderless company of the Dodgers (see Divorce Court & bullpen drama & 20Mil for...Juan Uribe???), the Cubs (Alfonso Soriano's 8 years/$136Mil deal that runs through 2014, gave the recently departed for a bag o' balls Kosuke Fukudome a four-year, $48 million contract; thought it wise to ink the maniacal Milton Bradley to a three-year, $30Mil deal) and the Astros, whose Manager Brad Mills inserted speed merchant Jason Bourgeois in the 3 hole after dealing 3rd place slugger Hunter Pence and speed merchant/lead off man Michael Bourn.  Should have been the other way around, right? But then the muddling Mills mucks things up further when he goes and sits the lefty swinging  Bourgeois the next day against a righty pitcher! Yes, the Blue Jays admin belong in this clown car not just for the yo-yo-ing of Travis Snyder, their train wreck of a bullpen and the waiting til he got injured to further delay Lawrie's much needed ascension to the bigs, but for there recent past buffooning, albeit under a diff GM (but still the same ownership), of $10Mil per annum to Alex "Blame It On" Rios and $126Mil (u heard me) thrown at the feet of Vernon "Ain't Earnin' That" Wells. Toronto's biggest obstacle isn't the Beasts of the AL East (The Evil Empire Yanks, Red Sawx Nation or Tampa's Cool Rays), it's Toronto.


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Posted on: August 5, 2011 3:47 pm

Rasmus Trade Logic

Ummm...are you retarded? How do you have a job writing baseball articles? Get a clue. You're life is a joke.

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 2:48 pm

Rasmus Trade Logic

The short answer is, it's Colby Rasmus. Every team wishes they had "similar players" to Rasmus at his age with his potential.

The long answer is, the Jays have been short a lead-off hitter and centrefielder the entire year. It was easily their most glaring weakness for now and the immediate future. Gose at AAA is probably another couple of years away from having the bat to play at the major league level. Meanwhile, the Jays believe Rasmus can not only be an offensive force but can be a strength with the glove. I'm not saying I agree neccessarily, but that is their logic. They don't have anybody who has both the glove for CF and the ability to contribute with the bat.

The Jays are LOADED in pitching prospects. I've followed this franchise since it's birth and I've never see this kind of pitching talent coming up all at once at the minor league level. You can make a case that they should be trading for a starting pitcher who has proven something at the major league level. Snider or Thames will almost assuredly be traded this off-season for a quality starter. The Jays will be spending some dollars in the off-season.

As for the bullpen, they don't care what it looks like this year. They were never planning to content. This coming free agent off-season is one of the strongest I've ever seen in terms of relief pitching. Except the Jays to spend big to rebuild the bullpen.

As for the ownership/GM...

I don't think you've been paying very close attention to the Blue Jays in the last couple of years.

The Jays are owned by a corporation. They're a cable, internet and mobile phone company. Rogers write's checks. That's all they do. They hire a club president and let him make the baseball business decisions. It's the club president who hires the GM. Paul Godfrey, who hired JP Riccairdi, was a logical hire by Rogers when they bought the franchise. Godfrey was a key player in bringing baseball to Toronto in the first place. Unfortunately, he wasn't up for job and several of his moves, especially the hiring of Riccairdi, were ill-advised. His almost un-ending support of JP was his undoing.

When they fired Godfrey/JP a couple of years ago, they brought back Paul Beeston as president, one of the most respected men in all of baseball and the guy who guided the Jays to two championships. It's been all uphill since then. He hired a Gillick clone in Alex Anthopolis and in two years, the Jays have gone from having a bottom of the majors farm system to top 5 (according to Baseball America.) The major league line-up is filled out with tremendously talented youngsters the way it was back in the early-80's.

You can take it from someone who has seen the lows of losing 100 games a year in those early years, to the highs of that first division championship in 1985, to the extreme jubilation of world series glory, followed by the more than 15 years of mis-steps, mis-cues and bad baseball decisions that plagued this club for so long. Now, Jays fans young and old can see where this franchise is headed and how very close it is to contending, not just short-term but long-term, thanks to some incredible savvy baseball decisions. There hasn't been this kind of building excitement since the two years before George Bell caught the final out of the regular season in 1985.

Unfortunately, for a casual observer such as yourself, yours is not to understand, but is to simply watch in awe and jealousy of Blue Jays seasons ahead. ;)

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